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Simson Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in providing exquisite reinsurance broking management softwares to the clients. The team involved aims at success by seeking ultimate customer satisfaction by adhering to the specified requirements of the customers and deliver the best results in stipulated time period and budget bars. The company has been setting an important benchmark in reinsurance broking management industry since the last two decades.

With skilled core team of renowned experts on its panel for the reinsurance sector, the company has been at the helm of the softwares and the functioning of the global businesses. In order to plot a route for the digital transformation, the company has been enabling businesses worldwide. The company has been empowering the reinsurance software in UK by delivering the reinsurance broking management softwares, hence embellishing the customer with delight.

In the reinsurance sector, the brokers and agents seek at flexible, effective and utilitarian comprehensive software. Considering all these, the team at Simson has created a huge milestone by the development of its reinsurance broking management software, SARB. The result-oriented reinsurance software aims at improvising the quality and precision of work.

The salient features of SARB are:

    SARB is a reinsurance software that ensures the management of the queries received from the brokers, generation of the quotation slips, acquirement of quotes from the reinsurers and collection of all the relevant data from the brokers.

    Generating and sending of debit note to brokers, collecting and remitting of funds, anatomy of business on various aspects, etc. have been taken care of in SARB.

    Reinsurance broking management softwares have distinct modules of non-proportional and proportional treaty business; which includes entry of treaty placement details, furnishing of single page as well as periodical statements.

    This reinsurance broking management software has assisted the reinsurers in getting rid of tedious office management process. One can easily keep a check on the movement of any file and track its physical location.

    SARB controls the Inward/Outward document section thereby availing the tracking of packets and couriers.

    SARB is responsible for providing user-friendly comprehensive management of all reinsurance business processes.

    It provides numerous reports for appropriate analysis along with negotiations.

Technologies used in SARB:

SARB has been developed using the following technologies:

    Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 using C#.

    For database, the most reliable database-Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has been used.

    To report in SARB applications, SAP Crystal Report 2008 has been used thus, helping in making even more efficient and versatile reports for the users.

    In order to generate various reports, XML is also being used in the Business Intelligence section.

Admin Area in SARB:

Major functionalities involved in the admin area are:

    Creation of users and access to their rights.

    Creation of various masters, for instance: employee branch, classes and sub-classes of risks, reinsurers, banks, currencies, money exchange rates, etc.

    Creation and management of enormous number of templates for the generation of slips as well as cover notes.

    Creation of numerous Email and SMS templates for all the different sections.

    Sets up various reminder patterns.

    It also involves the accountancy of master’s setup.

Facultative Sections:

Significant functionalities in the facultative section are:

    SARB involves an overall facultative business management of both the proportional and non-proportional (XL).

    Based on pre-defined templates, SARB generates slips for each class and sub-class of the business.

    In order to get quotation requests, SARB sends automated emails to selected reinsurer or brokers.

    Through predefined manuals and templates, all closings and cover notes are generated from the system.

    For both proportional and non-proportional facultative business, SARB bestows full business processes and claims management.

    It involves electronic document management for all the processing emails and documents.

    It enforces the state of art reminder processes for different stages and points.


Prime functions in Treaty are:

    SARB enforces comprehensive management of all the proportional XL treaties.

    Considering the pre-defined templates, SARB produces slips for every class and sub-class of treaties.

    For quotation requests, numerous automated emails are sent to selected reinsurers.

    SARB has a simplified system to generate closings and periodical statements for the placing brokers or reinsurers.

    For both proportional and non-proportional treaties, it involves an overall business process, claims and cash loss management.

    Peculiar analytical and graphical reports are furnished.

    Keeps a track of all the collections and remittances.

    Imparts system generated reminders for distinct statements, renewals as well as the settlement of treaty accounts.


The company has developed multi-currency monetary accounting system. SiFAMs provide:

    Convenient and user-friendly account payable and receivable reports.

    Settlement of the accounts in the desired currency.

    Complete integration with treaty, facultative business and claim processes via automated vouchers.

    General structured ledgers for all inward and outward businesses along with all their claims.

    Several financial accounting reports such as trail balance, P & L, Balance Sheet, Cash Book, Bank Book, etc.

    Exporting of vouchers and structured ledgers in Excel, CSV or PDF formats as stipulated.

    Notifies threshold limits and bars to management.

The company has made an attempt in adopting a sustainable approach to business with all its clients in London. Hence, for furthermore details along with online and offline demonstrations with our representatives, call us at: +911722298800 or email us at:

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Hounslow, London
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