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BimaPro : Insurance Agent

BimaPro : Insurance Agent Software

Insurance Agency Management Software “BimaPro 1.0” is a single machine insurance agency management software. It has been used by many insurance professionals in India. BimaPro is an unique product in India which provides comprehensive marketing tools and costing management of life insurance & non-life insurance. From CRM to final accounting, BimaPro is an ideal application for an insurance agent.

Salient features of insurance agents software BimaPro are:

Calculate the premium for all the traditional products of various life insurance companies.

Premium wise as well as feature wise, comparison available.

Generate comprehensive quotations for customers.

Able to manage your entire marketing activities such as daily diary preparation, track customers conversation, keeps history of customer interaction, performance & costing analysis, travel expense management, etc.

Keep record of entire leaves of a cover note book once you receive it from insurer till it is return back.

Manage policy details, which includes life and general policy data entry to system, attachment of documents, endorsement if any, renewal of policy, etc.

Take care of brokerage reconciliation part in life and general insurance section, such as receive brokerage from insurers, reconciliation, generate supplementary bills if any, income and profit analysis,TDS reports, etc.

Provide automated email and SMS reminders to client

Manage multiple agencies in one application.

Some technical details of insurance agency management software BimaPro are:

Multi-user, single client packaged insurance agency management software

Developed in Visual Basic 2008,

Database used Microsoft SQL Server CE

Reporting is through Crystal Reports 10.0. You may export any report to Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or RTF

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